K-Beauty Hack: Beauty Blender Cleansing With Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Look, I’ll just say it: I’m cheap. As much as I love Beauty Blender’s Blendercleanser it’s still $18 for a 6oz bottle of product I can only use to clean my makeup sponge. Not that it doesn’t work, but still.

So when I ran out the last time I opted instead to try Ulta’s Makeup Brush & Sponge Cleaner. I’ll tl;dr this one: it’s awful. The only thing it achieved was smearing around my BB cream on the sponge, and never rinsing cleanly. It’s so bad, in fact, that instead of trying to clean my Beauty Blender after I used it Saturday night I just tossed it back in my medicine cabinet to deal with another day.

“Another day” turned out to be around midnight when I couldn’t sleep and was seriously debating just buying the damn Blendercleanser off Amazon Prime (oh, if I could have gotten free one-day shipping you know I would have clicked that purchase button). Because I’ve tried all the other hacks in the past. The dish soap and olive oil. Baby soap. Bar soap. Shampoo. They were all just various levels of fail.

But then I remembered the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is more than just a foaming cleanser, it’s a makeup remover too! And it was just sitting on my bathroom counter, waiting for it’s chance to shine.

And shine it did. After I wet the sponge and applied a good dollop of Cosrx cleanser it immediately started removing the makeup from the sponge. At first just the superficial, most recent layer of BB cream, but as I continued to work it in it started lifting out older BB cream that Ulta’s cleaner hadn’t removed. I stopped and rinsed here just because things were getting a little gunky.

Another little bit of cleanser, another minute of working it in, and my Beauty Blender looked brand spankin’ new. I mean the Cosrx cleaned my Beauty Blender better than their own branded cleanser did. And it’s not only cheaper, but also a multi-tasking cleanser I can use on my face, too.


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