What I’m Reading 3.7.17


I never look this good when I’m reading


[NSFW] Caroline Hirons has thoughts about snail skincare (and so do I)

[I’m not kidding, this post is NSFW as in Not Safe for Work as in NC-17 as in I talk about girl and boy bits, now is your chance to back away.]

Dig back into your memories, if able, and recall the past. Namely, remember the time before you knew that some people stick their mouths on the junk of other people — and both parties like it. Or tolerate it until TMJ makes it really uncomfortable. Anyway.


Acne Diet: The Free Comprehensive Guide to Nutrition and Skin

Let me first acknowledge the fact that I’m perfectly aware there’s plenty of pushback on this topic. Some people wholeheartedly believe in the acne and diet connection; others are somewhat skeptical about this entire holistic approach. I’m somewhere in the middle, and that’s probably the tone that this article will take.

While yes, I do think health is of the upmost importance, I have a fair warning for everybody: the journey of elimination dieting to weed out every possible trigger or food intolerance to achieve clear skin is a loooooong one. Don’t underestimate the length of this process.

And more importantly, if you decide to go this route, don’t subvert yourself to psychological stress! The last thing you wanna do is scrutinize every morsel of food thinking it’ll cause a breakout. Peace of mind is just as important as a healthy diet. Have balance, take it slow, and treat yourself occasionally!

Best Glycolic Acid Products: Top 5 Picks From A Skincare Junkie

Alright everybody, here’s the thing. I’m constantly getting asked for product recommendations, so I thought I would start a new series dedicated to just that: my top picks across many different categories including moisturizers, toners, chemical exfoliates, face washes, serums etc.

If you’ve been a longtime reader, you know I don’t shy away from calling products garbage if I believe they’re…. well, sh*t. I have no patience for deceptive marketing and it’s something that irks the hell out of me after 7+ years of burning cash on products that only made my skin worse.


To People Who Think Caring About Fashion & Beauty Is Trivial Right Now

I mark life milestones by the dress I was wearing when they happened. I remember years of my life by how I did my eyeliner then. Even though they’ve been a constant and powerful force in my life since I can remember — until recently, I was never quite brave enough to claim that fashion and beauty actually mattered. That they held significance beyond a hobby. Beyond myself.

Even when fashion and beauty became my job, I was ashamed to label something so seemingly material as truly important. I’ve never believed that liking makeup or clothes made me a shallow person, but I wouldn’t have dared to place real value on them. So when Donald Trump became president and proceeded to make good on campaign promises that I previously dismissed as unthinkable, I had to ask myself if what I was doing day in and day out really mattered. How I could go into work every day and write about lipsticks and shoes and skin care and pretend that, in the grand scheme of things, it mattered even a little bit. But what surprised me was how quickly I realized that fashion and beauty aren’t trivial at all right now. But in fact, that they’re powerful tools of resistance and necessary opportunities for empowerment.

9 Simple Bedtime Rituals That Can Significantly Reduce Anxiety

It’s 9 p.m. and you’ve just finished taking a shower. You put your pajamas on and climb into bed in hopes that your night slumber is just a few moments away. Alas, your hopes turn into fears and your anxiety visits for a “nightcap.” Finding ways to reduce your anxiety has probably been on your radar if your nights sound like this. Getting a full night’s rest seems nonexistent when your tossing and turning in bed, remembering everything you did wrong since you were a kid. But why does your mind go from zero to 60 the minute your head hits the pillow?


This DIY Honey Sheet Mask Delivers Skin Benefits Without the Annoying Mess

Not too long ago, I wrote up a whole article on stupid things the Internet will tell you to put on your face.

Honey is not one of those things.

Honey is one of those kitchen staples that is good for your skin if you are someone that deals with acne and dry skin, but it’s a humongous pain to do a honey mask. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. You’ll inevitably get honey dripped all over your bathroom, or if you want to be cute and wear a honey mask in the bath or shower or something, it will melt off your face in just a few minutes. Trust.

It took me a while, but I finally figured out how to do a honey mask and actually have it stay on.



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