K-Beauty Hack: Cleansing Oil For Beard Washing


this dapper gent knows what’s up

So, I know I talked about this on my Instagram, but I wanted to do a quick blog post about it too.

A few months ago the Mister started complaining about dandruff so I gave him a bottle of cleansing oil to use instead of shampoo (per Fanserviced-B), which worked great. He then took it upon himself to try washing his beard with it since it was dry and itchy too, and WOW what a difference. It’s so soft now he doesn’t even need to follow it up with the Tsubaki oil he had been using for months as a softener/conditioner after cleansing.

In doing a little Google research before writing this post I see that using oil to cleanse beards is actually pretty common, but it seems to be based on the “Oil Cleansing Method” (OCM), which doesn’t use emulsifying oils, but rather steam and/or hot washcloths to remove it.

And I’m sure that works for a lot of men, but I’m sure there are probably a lot of men who’s skin clogs right up too (considering that’s a common complaint with OCM), so using an emulsifying oil cleanser might be a solution to that problem, especially if you use a silicone free oil like DHC.

Anyway, here’s the steps for using an emulsifying oil cleanser, as told to me:

  1. Take an adequate amount of product and massage it into your beard for 1-2 minutes, being sure to work it down into your skin.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, again working down to the skin.
  3. Pat dry and follow with a finishing oil like Tsubaki oil if needed.

That’s it!

As the lady formerly on the receiving end of plenty of beard rashes I whole heartedly endorse this cleansing method 🙂



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