What I’m Reading 4.30.17



The Face Shop x The Simpsons Collection Is A ’90s Beauty Dream Come True

When a beauty brand releases a throwback collection that pays homage to your childhood memories, it’s always exciting. From Sailor Moon compacts to Lisa Frank makeup brushes, millennials love their nostalgia. That’s why the new Face Shop x The Simpsons collab is so amazing: It brings the beauty world and our favorite TV family crashing together.

When you think of skin care, you might not necessarily think of Homer or Marge Simpson. The canary yellow skin might make it seem like they don’t have much to offer in terms of beauty tips, but this collection serves up a lot of everyday skin essentials. Not only are the products great, but they would look crazy fun displayed on your vanity or tucked away inside your medicine cabinet.

What’s In The Face Shop x The Simpsons Collection? Get Ready To Have A Cow, Man

The last person you would think you would get beauty advice from is Homer Simpson, but here we are. If there’s one thing the Face Shop x The Simpsons collection teaches us, it’s that the cartoon family has a spot in the beauty world.  The K-Beauty brand The Face Shop has just announced a multi-product skin care collection, offering up everything from sunscreen lotions to sheet masks. And while the products are going to be amazing for your skin and complexion, the packaging is what makes this collection truly fun.


Searching for Frida Kahlo at CVS

The discovery of Frida Kahlo in the bins at the front of CVS seemed like an accident. How did nail polish and lipsticks intricately illustrated with the artist’s portrait and motifs come to mingle with mini tweezers and travel-sized Purell? Given America’s well-documented Fridamania, this under-the-radar placement seemed like a mystical accident.

“You would think that something so beautiful would get more attention,” says Karen Monterichard of Makeup and Beauty Blog. She first spotted the Republic Nail collection on Instagram, but was surprised to find it wasn’t available to purchase online — or even at every CVS, the sole distributor of this Mexico-based makeup line. However, after visiting multiple CVS stores, the adrenaline of the hunt kicked in. “I kind of liked that not a lot of people knew about it,” says Monterichard, who ultimately netted four of the nail polishes and five lipsticks.

The Rebirth of YouTube Beauty Pioneer Michelle Phan

“I completely disappeared. I just left. I stopped uploading to YouTube. I’m an Aries so I’m either very hot or very cold,” says Michelle Phan, who stopped by the Racked offices on a recent whirlwind press junket to promote the launch of her Em cosmetics line. It’s not the first time she’s launched Em, however.

Phan, who is almost 30, is one of YouTube’s biggest success stories and arguably one of the most popular and recognizable so-called beauty gurus on the platform, with almost 9 million subscribers and well over a billion views of her videos. Then there’s Ipsy, her beauty sampling company, which is worth a reported $500 million.

Lab Muffin

How to Use Glycerin For DIY Beauty

Glycerin’s in a lot of skincare products because it’s an awesome humectant moisturiser that can grab onto water and hold it to the skin. It’s also very cheap to buy at the supermarket ($9.35 for 200 mL at Coles in Australia, $6-7 for 473 mL/16 fl. oz on iHerb or Amazon).

What can you do with it? Here are some (low-effort) suggestions


A Week in the Life of a Beauty Influencer

Like anyone worth reading who is an influencer, I’m going to start by telling you that I hate the term “influencer”. Influencer is defined by dictionary.com as “a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media,” but it has evolved to be a job title for people who have followers on social media (even if they don’t actually making a living from their accounts). Basically bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, etc.

Influencer sounds like something out of a Gary Shteyngart novel, which does make sense given that everything seems like something out of a Gary Shteyngart novel these days, but that doesn’t mean I need to roll over and accept the state of things. I am a blogger, a marginally better term.

And yet…I am an influencer. Sigh.

Watered Down Mess: How Garnier Moisture Bomb is Like “Kpop” Band EXP

There are two things I like in this world: cosmetics and kpop (Korean pop music produced within the idol factory system).

What I don’t like: whack knock-offs. And yet here we are, as the Korean Wave is starting to crest in the U.S., dealing with pretty egregious and unpalatable fakes trying to capitalize on the trend by borrowing whole concepts down to minimally modified names.

Fuck this shit.

The Beauty Brains

Why Isn’t Everyone Exfoliating With AHA’s? Episode 159

Long time fans of the show will remember that I love getting questions about Alpha Hydroxy Acids because it gives me an excuse to retell the story of the marketing director for St. Ives didn’t quite get the acronym and would instead of calling them AHAs would call them “Ah-Ha’s.” That always amused me during meetings because it sounded like she was speaking with exclamation marks. “We need to launch a new AHA!”



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